September 2014

September 17, 2014

Call to order: Donna Fagan called the meeting to order.

Introductions by attendees

Approval of the Minutes, August 20, 2014: Motion and second to approve, all were in favor.

Speakers for the month: Vocational Rehab: Vocational Rehab services are very individualized services and they try to tailor them to the individual. Have to have a mental or physical disability to qualify for services. Vocational Rehab can help individuals get the documentation/verification for their disability. They currently have a wait list. They are doing what is called an order of selection, they are only serving category 1 which is the most significantly disabled. Will not be this way forever. They have to specifically address the need for rehabilitation. Once they have determined that an individual is eligibly they must establish a plan of care. They will do the rehab services first and then employment services. They contract with a lot of employment providers for skills training. Their address is 2610 NW 43rd St. #1A Gainesville, Fl. They will have an Open House on the 25th from 1-3:30PM. They are required to provide alternate resources. Individuals can self-refer. Required to give a person an answer in 60 days as to whether or not they will receive services.

September: TBA

Action Items:

GRACE Marketplace Update: They have been providing the same services since the opening. They are providing a number of different services. Serving 60-80 breakfast each day. They will be closing the Chapel and Pavilion by October 1st so they can open up the dorm for services. This will crop the CAM fee about 20 percent. Opening an indoor shelter on October 1st, Dorm A. Working on campus coverage due to the location of the Dorm. Following what the contract requires to keep services going.

COC/Coalition Update:

Grants : Working on the Challenge Grant. Theresa Lowe needs agency’s Leverage Letter . The HUD COC opened yesterday.

PIT Survey – Theresa has a sample survey from HUD and they may use their survey.
Special Events Work Group: Meeting on September 26th at 9:00 AM. Kaleidoscope of Hope will offer a benefit show the week of Nov. 22nd. Let Theresa let know of any agencies events that are going on the week of the 15th – 23rd of November which is Homelessness Awareness Week.

Treasurer’s Report – No report.

GPD Report: No one present.

Homeless/formerly Homeless comments/Suggestions: Someone from the audience spoke and thanked the people at GRACE for helping her get back on her feet and getting a job.

Other business: Nothing.

Next Meeting: October 15, 2014 @ 9:00 AM Grace Marketplace

Adjournment: By Donna Fagan