October 2014

October 15, 2014

Call to Order/Introductions

Approval of minutes for September 17, 2014. Approved

Speakers for the month: Alachua County Victim Services and Rape Crisis Center

Amy Aponte: They will work with anyone who has been a victim of a crime. Help people to relocate to be safe. Assist with medical treatment, forensics exam and get medical bills covered. Accompany the victim to legal proceeding, counseling and provides a variety of services. They do community outreach as well and provide support groups. Provide information about legal rights to victims. Currently they have a wait list for the support groups. They partner with the suicide hotline and rape hotline. They are on call 24/7.

Action Items

• Update GRACE Marketplace: Managing a smaller space to work in. Still seeing new clients coming in. One of the challenges is that they are becoming a drop off point for everyone and they are not equipped to work with people in crisis. Seeing a rotation of clients, there is about a 15% change each month. City is reporting that there are new people of the plaza. Seeing about 700 people coming through. New Dorm opened October 1st. 18 people in the dorm can house up to 22. The only thing preventing housing more people we need more staffing. They are splitting the services across the campus. The City has requested that the pavilion stay open as well as the welcome center. The City has provided additional funding for this. There is still plenty of space for camping. Campers are accessing meals daily. The laundry is typically up and running however, someone pulled the door off the last washer. There are usually 2-3 working at one time. There are 4 porta potties out by the camping area.


Challenge Grant – Awards expected to be announced on 10/23/14.
o HUD/CoC Competition – Need applications in eSnaps by 10/20 for ranking.
o AHAR – Look for emails from Brenda asking you to clean up data
o PIT Survey – Next planning meeting follows today’s meeting, the survey is planned for 1/22/15.

If you have any events going on the Week of Homeless Awareness please let Theresa know so they can put it on one big calendar. The week of Nov 15-23rd.

• Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer not here.
• GPD Report: Cpl. Dahlem No let up at the plaza, there is still a spice epidemic on the plaza. Drug task force has been targeting businesses that are selling it. Bo Diddley plaza will be closed at the end of the month for the festival. The plaza is still the epicenter for a lot of problems. People are still cooking meth downtown and the surrounding areas.
• Homeless/Formerly Homeless Comments Suggestions: None
• Other Business: None
• Program Updates: Another way is having a 5K in Lake City this Saturday. Another Way is opening an office in Chiefland. Tomorrow there is a SOAR steering committee meeting. Coalition will have a table at the PRIDE Festival. GRACE Marketplace over site committee will be meeting today at 2:00 PM. Currently there are 2 County and 2 City members on the committee.
Next Meeting: November 19, 2014 @ 9:00 AM at GRACE Marketplace

• Adjournment