November 2014

November 19, 2014

Call to Order/Introductions

Approval of minutes for October 15, 2014. Approved

Speakers for the month: Leslie Hall of Another Way

Another Way serves Levy, Gilchrist, Columbia, Dixie, Lafayette and Suwannee Counties. Every 9 seconds there is another incidence of intimate partner violence. They want to let everyone know that it’s okay to talk about it. In Levy County, they have 35 shelter beds; Columbia is currently undergoing renovations and will go from 35 beds to 55. They offer shelter services, help with filing injunctions, filing for divorce, job searches, etc. Services are empowerment based and survivor focused. Want to get involved? They need volunteers and donations of household goods.

Action Items

• Update GRACE Marketplace: Joe Jackson reported that the Oversight Board recommended additional funding for GRACE to continue providing current level of service. Donna thanked Joe for his representation of the Coalition. Waiting on City/County Commissions. Already provided over 13,000 meals; 3,000 nights of shelter; served over 600 unduplicated clients.

• CoC/Coalition update: look out for emails from Brenda re: AHAR data cleanup. Will be meeting several times between now and end of January to plan PIT. December’s meeting will be a holiday party. Everyone is asked to bring a snack.
• Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed P&L
• GPD Report: Cpl. Deihl reports that they are still fighting the use of Spice, the price of spice is rising. Hospitalizations have gone down. Urging people to use the Cold Night Shelters. Mt. Pleasant was open for CNS. Counted 5 people still sleeping on the plaza. Fewer fights being reported. Synthetic Meth is being cooked downtown. Plaza renovations scheduled to begin in March. Cpl. Deihl and Officer Moiser received an award for outstanding service.
• Homeless/Formerly Homeless Comments Suggestions: None
• Other Business: None
• Program Updates: GRACE has two fundraisers coming up – Kaleidoscope of Hope and Battle of the Bands. On Thanksgiving, 5 Bar is serving a free dinner to all with donations coming to GRACE; Sanctuary Yoga is hosting free yoga the morning of Thanksgiving with donations going to GRACE. Peaceful Paths poured the foundation on the new campus. Kenneth Armstrong is now the ED at Alachua County Housing Authority; Ron Hall has been promoted to Operations Director.
Next Meeting: December 17th, 2014 @ 9:00 AM at GRACE Marketplace

• Adjournment