May 2015

General Meeting Minutes May 20, 2015
Meeting began at 0905
Minutes from April 15, 2015 meeting approved
Grace Marketplace
Grace is having its one year Birthday Party on June 5, 2015. The shelter is nearly full. There is a two week wait to get into the shelter. Beds are usually available on the Pavilion. Tents are reportedly for rent at Dignity Village now. Grace recently met the milestone of serving 15,000 meals.
CoC update/Coalition Update
The Coalition is applying for TANF money for prevention. There is a possibility of new funds particularly for permanent independent housing.
The Board of Directors election will take place at the June meeting. Membership renewals are also next month.

There currently is no treasurer. A financial report was provided with the agenda. It shows a positive balance.
GPD update
Busy month downtown. Narcotics arrests are “skyrocketing.” Some people are moving from Grace to downtown area. Two drug dealers have been arrested.
St. Francis House is being more strict with disruptive behavior internally to avoid a trespass with GPD.
Dignity Village
Officers are present daily. There are fewer calls to the police. There are fewer crimes and problems at the nearby Kangaroo station.
There was a question about whether there will be formal management of Dignity Village. A task force has reportedly been formed by the city to explore this and report is due next month.
The creation of a separate address for Dignity Village is providing better data as to where the calls are originating and the issues lie.

Program Updates
Family Promises has a new director and services will start July 2015.

Next meeting is June 17, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at Grace Marketplace Chapel.