June 2015

General Meeting Minutes June 17, 2015
Meeting began at 9:08 AM
Approval of the minutes – motion to approve and seconded, all approved.
CoC/Coalition Update –
Board Changes – There were two handouts given to everyone. There are some changes that need to be made . Our board functioned as a membership board. Now that we have a direct service component we really need to make the board a 503C Board. The NCFCHH will transition to CoC board in July 2016. We will need to elect a new board for the Coalition. We need more members from non-funded partners. We need suggestions for individuals who can serve on that board. Harvey Ward – the Chair of Holy Trinity Foundations, is part of the Citizen’s Advisory Board and Friends of Grace, he will looking for new members. Theresa Beachy has agreed to stay on as the bridge chair. We would like to also get some suggestions for making this general meeting more meaningful and productive. Motion to accept the current board and a second was made, all in favor.
NCFCHH – They have applied for the TANF Grant that is used to help provide assistance with past due rent and utilities for individuals that are housed. Applied for the full amount.
ESG Grants – They have applied for the Emergency Solutions Grant. There was prevention and rapid rehousing and emergency shelters allocations that could be applied for. Agencies can only apply for one category.

Expecting the CoC SNAPS NOFA in the near future. The was to move forward with the grant is to make sure exhibit 1 is very comprehensive.
Membership renewals are available now and will also go out on the listserve for the new year starting July 1, 2015.
Treasures report – Report was distributed and we are in the positive. Part of that is because of the way the grant was paid and ended up with a surplus. They also received money from Lucky’s that has not been spent. They will be finalizing the new budget soon. They always apply for admin dollars with they are available to help cover staff.
GPD – The downtown units are still making arrests for narcotics and issued trespass warnings for small business. They are seeing a lot less calls for services at Dignity Village. A lot of people still do not know the address difference for GRACE and Dignity Village.
Homeless/Formerly homeless – Nothing at this time.
Other business – Suggestion was made to brain storm about the restructuring of the meeting. It was suggested that we meet elsewhere, but some people prefer meeting at GRACE. The meeting with remain at GRACE but we need to find some tables and chairs for the Coalition to setup table and chairs for the meeting. Will need about 10 of the 4 foot collapsible tables and about 40 chairs. It was also suggested that the minutes be sent out to the listserve as that seemed to have been dropped off. Theresa Beachy suggested that we have quarterly trainings but no one really wanted it. Blu Forgarty wanted to have more information and feedback from the people at Dignity Village. Blu will begin working on a work group for this. Theresa Beachy said that as the Chair next year she would like to have a more formal program update. It was suggested that we have a updated resources component to the meeting about funding for things like prevention and rapid rehousing that are available. It was requested that we have an updated service directory. Theresa Lowe is looking for volunteers to help with that. It would be helpful to have a guide to show what counties have funding and who they serve.
Program Update – Arbor is at full capacity. St. Francis House is at capacity and there is a trend to serve families. Fewer beds for single adults. Sunrise apartment has 10 vacancies. They are for single working individuals and they apartments are efficiencies. There is a case manager there 7 days a week, Rita Lawrence. The Gainesville Housing Authority is opening their waiting list for Housing Choice Vouchers and they are taking applications on line. They will only be accepting 400 families. Opening June 22nd . They will need an address and access to a computer. Peaceful Paths has their opening and ribbon cutting on June 25th at 12:00 PM. Another Way has a 35 bed facility and they have 50 people in their facility at this time.
GRACE – the pavilion is about 10% over capacity. They have recently added forensics from Alachua County Court Services. They are seeing about 440 unique individuals a month. They are still not affiliated with Dignity Village but there are things in the works. County and City are looking to have one line item for homeless services. They finished a 2-day vision and strategy meeting. They laid out where they want to be in 2 years.
Next meeting: July 15,1015 @ 9: AM at GRACE Marketplace.