July 2014

July 16, 2014

Call to order: Brendan Shortley called the meeting to order. Theresa Beachy and Donna Feagan are out of town.

Introductions by attendees

Approval of the Minutes, June 18, 2014: Motion and second to approve with one correction for Lee Conlee House in Putnam County will add 8 beds not 80.

Speakers for the month:

July: Voc Rehab – No Show

August: NAMI (Pending confirmation)


Action Items:

Grace Marketplace: Regularly serving about 70 people for dinner. Adjusting to the influx of clients from Tent City closing. Theresa Lowe talked about the challenge in managing clients outside the fence because it effects the people inside the fence. They are trying to get the new campers to come to meetings to resolve problems.

Health Survey/Fair by UF Mobile Health this afternoon at GRACE to conduct screenings. Continuing to try to encourage more non-profits to come to GRACE. If you do have groups that want to come out they need to talk to Theresa or Jon to make arrangements.

Treasurer’s Report: Running out of money and working on fund raising events to bring in additional funding. It will be tight but things should be ok. Theresa encouraged any fund raising ideas to please let her know. If anyone wants to assist in a fund raising committee let Theresa know.

Question about the cost for housing one person per day, that spread sheet is in process. Will have more detailed unit costs for the facility in the near future.

Will have a steering committee for HMIS. Change will be necessary to help people get services. Each provider will have the same access to the system.

GPD Report: Cpl. Diehl – Tent City was closed down without any incident. There is a mess out there but no one got in trouble. Downtown plaza still has people on the plaza, some new people have moved in but some of the old people have moved out to GRACE. Would be nice to have a card with a list of services so they can hand them out. It was suggested that someone contact the Jail Staff about handing out cards as well to let homeless people know where and what services are available. The command staff for GPD will be changing very soon as the three captains will be retiring. Arrests in the downtown area fluctuate. Cpl. Diehl advised that there will be a partial closing of the Plaza for renovations.

Homeless/formerly Homeless comments/Suggestions: Question about whether or not the homeless are able to find shelter during inclement weather. The police are a little more lenient at night.

Other business: Putnam County is hosting their meeting tomorrow at the Heart of Putnam call for details 386-325-4447. 11:00 AM.

Program updates/announcements for service providers: Well Care, a for profit for government sponsored health care agency, covers things like transportation, dental… They work closely with outreach in other communities. Help people apply for Medi-Cade and low income subsidies for people. New to this county and they do make donations. Assist in feeding as well.

Next Meeting: August 20, 2014 @ 9:00 AM Grace Marketplace

Adjournment: Branden Shortley