January 2015

January 21, 2015
Call to Order/Introductions – Theresa Beachy

Approval of minutes for December 17, 2014 – Approved

Speakers for the month: Alachua County Labor Coalition

This organization has been around for 20 years. They deal with labor and wage issues as well as health issues.

Update GRACE Marketplace: They have hired a new part-time volunteer coordinator.
The City commission approved the agreement with the Department of Forestry to take 10 acres outside of Grace Marketplace. The Coalition would like to be part of the decisions and encouraged the City to include participants around the marketplace. Requesting that they make the rules reasonable for the residents.
Commissioner Byerly toured the facility last week. Trying to make sure that everyone has the emergency number and knows what kinds of things to contact 911 for. The Chapel is now back in use for GRACE. They will be working to have the AA meetings and other meetings in the Chapel.
The new dorm should be ready sometime in February. There are a lot more showers that will make it better for people to shower. There will still be just the 22 beds. Dorm A will probably shut down for now. The city has looked at the space and decided that there is room for 60 people for side is max for the shelter. Theresa will try to schedule a time for a tour of the new building. The selection process for the dorm was initially for people who were working or putting in significant volunteer hours, advanced age and those with severe medical problems. For now the top priority is for people who are working, unemployed but have the potential to secure jobs and those who became homeless in Alachua County. Next is medical problems and have a disability benefit or working with an attorney to get them disability benefits. The City is asking for good outcomes for discharging people into permanent housing. There is a waiting list. There are emergency situations that will take priority. The goal is to get people in and get them back out into permanent housing.

People sleep in the welcome center for cold nights shelter. They do not shelter families with children only single individuals. The only exception is for cold night shelters. There are a couple of families that live in tents outside.

CoC/Coalition Update: Tomorrow PIT Survey, shelter training will be directly after the coalition meeting. Sending people to St. Francis House and Salvation Army and the camps around town. They will be the information into survey monkey.

• PIT Survey – Tomorrow
• Shelter Training to follow this meeting
• Treasurer’s Report: Profit and Loss statement attached to the agenda.
• GPD Report: No one here.
• Homeless/Formerly Homeless Comments Suggestions: None one here.
• Other Business:
• Program Updates: Sunrise has some beds for individuals are working.
Peace Paths has a grand opening January 28, 2015. They are having the 3rd annual production of the Vagina Monologues on February 14th, 21st and 23rd at the Hippodrome.

Next Meeting: February 18th @ 9:00 AM at GRACE Marketplace

• Adjournment