December 2014

December 17, 2014
Call to Order/Introductions – Theresa Beachy

Approval of minutes for November 19, 2014. Approved

Action Items

• Update GRACE Marketplace: Theresa Lowe- they are continuing to see more people on a daily basis, served on an average of 300 people a month. They have been open for cold night shelter but not a lot of people are utilizing it. They are not locking the gate during cold night shelter so that people have access.

Day of Grace fund raiser in November and Kaleidoscope of Hope as well. Indy GoGo campaign has been launched it can be found on the web site and Facebook. Goal is $1000 a day. They are working with the City and County commission on contract issues.

There was a donation that was written up in the paper for $250k, the dollars are not going directly into the GRACE Marketplace budget. The dollars will be used for program services at Grace.

The city is working with the Department of Forestry to get access to 10 acres outside of the fenced area.

Staff were at the county commission meeting yesterday and voted to add additional funding for Grace Marketplace.

• CoC Coalition Update: The Coalition is past the grant season and they are working on getting the grants in place for the next year. Rapid Rehousing grant and TANF grant in place. They are in need of a volunteer coordinator.

o PIT Survey – January 22, 2015. They will be using the HUD form this year. They need people to go out and conduct the survey. They will start from 5AM-9PM. They start early so they can catch the labor pools. They also have data entry positions that need to be filled as well. They will also get with the shelter providers and go over the forms. The next resource development meeting with be January 8th at 9AM and 10 AM for COC.

• Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer not here.
• GPD Report: Cpl. Dyehl: Downtown has not changed a lot. Not a lot of violent crimes mostly nuisance crimes. The Meth drug group has been broken up by the drug task force. There is a group of individuals trying to get homeless people cash bad checks for them in the downtown area. Still hearing that the plaza is going to close in February for construction in March.
• Homeless/Formerly Homeless Comments Suggestions: None
• Other Business: Blu Fogarty wanted to know if there were opportunities for volunteers to help with the GED classes. Need to contact Maria LeFave to find out what her program needs are.
• Program Updates: Recently had someone from the Cone Park Library to help people with resumes and job searches.
4th Friday in Putnam county they have information and resources for local groups. Lyons club in Interlachen is having a free dinner on Christmas day. Theresa Beachy said that there will be information coming out regarding a free tax service. Individuals must make $50k or less.

Next Meeting: January 21, 2015 @ 9:00 AM at GRACE Marketplace

• Adjournment