August 2014

August 20, 2014

Call to order: Donna Fagan called the meeting to order.

Introductions by attendees

Approval of the Minutes, July 16, 2014: Motion and second to approve, all were in favor.

Speakers for the month:

August: NAMI – Terry Mullins – Their mission is to provide support, education, and research. She pointed out that the website is on her cards that she passed out. NAMI has education and support groups. They are offering a 10 week class for individuals for peers here at Grace Market Place in the board room. NAMI will have their annual walk on September 27th at Westside Park. There is a 24 hour hot line where someone can leave a message and they will be called back with information and services. There is an email list that you can sign up for. They have an office at the Health Department at the office of Alachua County Social Services. Dona Fagan asked if a person needed a specific diagnosis to be a member and the answer is no.

September: TBA

Action Items:

GRACE: Is 15 weeks old at this time, the outdoor pavilion is currently open. Wednesday, September 17th they will being offering indoor shelter for 10 females and 10 males. They are still working on renovations for the dorm. Priority will be given to people who are living and working in Alachua County. Grace received a donation for 50 beds and are trading storage space for the beds. They are averaging 70-80 people a night for dinner. They are continuing to get food donations for meals. Today the computer lab is opening up for job searches, emails apply for public benefits. The Laundry room will open tomorrow, only has a washer for now but they are working on getting gas dryers installed. There are no requirements for the folks living outside the fence and services are provided to them as well. Grace has no control over the land outside the fence as it is not their property. There are 50-75 folks residing outside the fence.

COC/Coalition Update:

• Grants – A lot of grants are coming through.
• TANF Grant most likely will be 11k for prevention and 11k for case management.
• ESG agencies that were previously awarded were awarded again.
• Challenge Grant – No NOFA at this time. 3.8 million dollars available to apply for.
• HUD/COC Competition

PIT Survey – Date has been chosen 1-22-2015, first meeting was held and talked about how to find more people, how to reach out to young adults and adding more questions to the survey. Next meeting will be on 9-3-2014.

Treasurer’s Report: ESG Grant was awarded, waiting on other grants to be approved. Looking for other fund raising ideas as well. Theresa Lowe spoke about the fund raising efforts. There is an on-line thrift store that is clearing about 1k a month. Grace does not have space for a lot of things so they are being selective about what they are accepting. Terry Fleming encouraged everyone to setup a recurring donation on the GRACE Marketplace website. Encouraged everyone to get the word out.

GPD Report: No one present.
Homeless/formerly Homeless comments/Suggestions: Nothing.

Other business: Nothing.

Program updates/announcements for service providers: The Color Run is coming to the area on September 27th.

St. James Recovery Center Jacksonville – would like to get on the agenda for the next board meeting. Working with x-convicts finding them a safe place to live and jobs, trying to put together a technical college for them as well. Digital Literacy Program/GED K-12 Program, general contractors program.

Family Preservation Services having a national day of service

Next Meeting: September 17, 2014 @ 9:00 AM Grace Marketplace

Adjournment: By Donna Fagan